ANT'box, the Electronic Document Management System Software
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ANT’box. The EDM software. Simply.

State-of-the-art search engine


Productivity take-off

Quick & easy project

GED Documents simple


Easy to load and operate, the EDM software ANT’box takes only a minimum of indexation. The search engine’s power combined with metadata filters or otherwise will let you find your documents with ease.

GED sécurité


Reliable, always available, ANT’box includes specific access rights to manage both your highly confidential documents and those open to a wider audience.

GED logiciel flexible


With ANT’box, you can adapt to multiple contexts and offer an interface which can be modulated and parametered, ANT’web, which means you can integrate the Box with an intranet or Internet portal.

GED collaboratif leger


Whether  you run ANT’box on your own infrastructure or leave it to us, it does not take much by way of resources to run.


CEA List and ANT’inno has both created a research laboratory to remain at the forefront of technological advances for multimedia and multilingual content

Semantic and Cross-language technology

ANT’box is based on a search engine using semantic and cross-language technology developed in partnership with CEA.