ANT'box EDM system: Technology Monitoring, Knowledge Management, Data Room,...
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The ANT’box EDM system  is a very versatile software that fit your needs & uses: Technology Monitoring, Knowledge Management, Data Room, cross lingual information retrieval,…
“Find the information you need quickly when you need it”


With ANT’box, you can follow crucial information on your long-term projects and/or those in which many parties are involved.


ANT’box lets those involved in projects access information they need to run their project easily and securely in ‘real time’.


In particular, ANT’box lets you trace project e-mail events and link them to reference documents:


  • Use our graphics tool to see how meetings are linked and access the information involved: minutes, presentation documents).


  • Ensure decisions taken can be traced, with immediate access to media, discussions and other correspondence which led to those decisions.


  • Control your project thanks to dynamic dashboards which show a summary of your project document base at any given time.


Caption: “Find the information you need quickly when you need it”

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In increasingly competitive markets in which organisations have to innovate to stay competitive, keeping an eye on technology and the competition is a key process.


This improved monitoring can be divided into four main steps, as follows:


  • Gathering information


  • Filtering it to separate the information you need from the noise using our semantic analysis tools


  • Using it, which often involves analysing the information gathered with a view to summarising it


  • Disseminating it (or the summaries made).

At the gathering stage, we rely most of the time on specialist tools, free robots or specialist tools which feed the corpus automatically as well as manual feeds made directly by contributing users. ANT’inno also offers an extra module which indexes specific site content automatically and updates it on a regular basis.


Once you’ve created a consistent corpus, you can use ANT’box to analyse and filter content depending on what you want to keep an eye on, which means your users can access information easily which is actually useful and relevant to think about and summarise topics.

Veille Augmentée Technologie Concurrence
« Less time searching means more

time to take the right decisions. »

ANT’box’s reporting mechanism lets users share content they feel is relevant with colleagues, with dynamic dashboards which can be used to create summary views of one or more subjects. And, of course, ANT’box manages the confidentiality levels which our client organisations require.


To give an example, Airbus Helicopters has been using ANT’box to keep an eye on the competition for several years.

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Valorisation de contenu
“Clear modular-based presentation 

tailored to your needs.”


With ANT’box, you can manage your thematic content, making it available in many ways to suit your needs:


  • Graphics mode (e.g. clickable areas on images, drawings and maps) to access documents on specific countries.


  • ‘Table’ modes’, presenting specific areas of the corpus classified by different characteristics: project, document type, etc.


  • Current language research like Web search tools in terms of simplicity but much more relevant, thanks to our powerful linguistic search engine, without forgetting accessing documents in languages other than those in which you asked the question (cross-language facility).


  • Combined searches using both current language and filters based on organisational characteristics and classifying data (metadata).


Whatever method you use, access to information will always be controlled by assigning personal rights to each user. This usage may be free (access to government legislation documents, for instance) or paying (subscribing to a specialist regulation watch service, for instance).

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Your staff’s expertise is intellectual capital which is vitally important to keeping your organisation competitive. With ANT’box, you can use and optimise how you use this expertise, sharing it permanently so you can keep using it even if staff leave.


With ANT’box, your staff can build up an expertise database and enrich it with their contributions as they go (comments, arguments, disputes).


Where organisations are spread over a number of sites, ANT’box can give you a global vision of expertise and skills developed elsewhere.

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Gestion collaborative
Data room


Your organisation’s reference documents are a key asset you need to manage, something your staff must be able to access at any time, depending on their roles and rights, of course.


With ANT’box, you can easily build up a secure document database so you can be sure of accessing your key information and documents at any time. Easy to feed and with a powerful linguistic search engine, ANT’box can help you simplify how you classify this information system.


Try our search engine, ask it questions in natural language, and see the results classified by relevance levels. Its cross-language abilities mean it can find documents written in languages other than that the question was asked in, making ANT’box the ideal solution to manage your organisation’s document corpus with a global scope.


You can also index your content (manually or assisted) using metadata which you can use to filter your searches and guide you easily to the document(s) you need.


As well as ANT’box, we can create a single ‘access portal’ covering multiple reference information sources, so you can access all the information it covers, wherever it may be.


You can use our specialist ‘links’ to benefit from the power and quality of our analysis and search engine from unstructured sources (file servers, specific sites) or more structured ones (other EDM systems).


The Council of Ministers of the Government of Mauretania uses linked modules like this; and CEA Marcoule uses them to access a document base managed by different specialist EDM tools easily.

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No matter whether it’s your Research and Development activities, innovation or even the day to day management of one or more teams, with ANT’box, you can help people share what they think about documents: working versions, comments, decisions involved, etc. and keep track of the development process.



Right from the start ANT’box was conceived as a collaboration tool you can use to:


• File an initial working version of a document by way of unstructured ideas, let contributors to save a first draft, then share it with the players concerned or who need to be involved in the document as it is created when they decide.


• Notify these players easily to ensure a first level at which the process can be traced.


• Define who in this collective has the right to read and/or amend the document as a basis for the collaboration to come.


• Comment on, criticise and/or amend (depending on people’s rights), so they don’t have to wade through loads of e-mails, simply local exchange token carriers which are difficult to trace and use.


• Insert a link graphic, based on a hypothesis, then a first working version of a document, then opinions (with links of different kinds) and a beta version (updating the working document).


• The typology of these links (“see also”, contradiction, controversy, annex, “cancel and replace” or other custom links) provides immediate readability of the information graph, also avoiding consult unknowingly, a version document that would not be the last!


• Insert a link graph, from a hypothesis and a first working version of a document, and opinions (with different types of links), and a second release (coming update the working paper ).

There’s also an instant messaging service so everyone involved can exchange ideas informally throughout the process of creating a document.

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Gestion collaborative de documents
“Less mails, more productivity. Create, share, exchange.
Data Room


Need to share documents which are highly confidential with specific staff and outside organisations? With ANT’box, we can help you create a ‘dataroom’, that is, a space for storing data or documents to which access is strictly controlled.


Datarooms may be physical, i.e. they may be on your organisation’s site, or they may be virtual, i.e. accessible via network connections. In most cases, accessing and handling documents (copying them, sending them, etc.) is strictly managed and controlled reflecting their sensitive nature.


Datarooms are used mainly in finance, in mergers and acquisitions, or calls for tenders for sensitive activities (nuclear, military, etc.).


ANT’box helps contributors publish documents while offering fine-tuned access control and permissions via a publications portal. We operate a highly secure nuclear dataroom, for example.


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