ANT’inno tag along with you to simplify EDM system
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ANT’inno offers many services around its ecosystem to enable its customers to be always sure to have a EDM system functional and optimized.

Methodological support, advice and training

ANT’inno has devised a light, flexible support process which involves users and aims to enable you to master and parameter ANT’box quickly and completely independently.


Once the project starts, ANT’box will be installed so users can familiarise themselves with the tool and learn how to use it quickly and easily as they can in terms of their needs:


  • One of ANT’inno’s consultants will spend one or two sessions with a pilot group  of future administrators and contributors  so they can discover the tool’s functionalities in depth.


  • This will be followed by a number of sessions with the pilot group to work together to define how you want to use ANT’box best to suit your organisation and needs and document classification (metadata) models.


  • Implementing the organisation as defined in practice will enable us to assess how well it meets your needs and the way you work and make any adjustments required to the structure or using it.


  • On completing the project, ANT’inno will give you an ‘Operating charter’, i.e. an ANT’box users’ guide as defined with the pilot group and validated by other users if necessary.

IT services

ANT’inno can offer you technical services in connection with ANT’box, as follows:


  • Define link parameters: integrating files and data from other sources (file servers, databases, EDM tools, monitoring tools, etc.).


  • Personalise a consultation portal, which may be integrated with an existing site (intranet or extranet) or not.


  • External hosting services (hardware management, data backups, etc.).