EDM References
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CEA (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission)

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Civil and military atomic research centre, involving around 30,000 people.


CEA Valduc, the CEA’s military establishment in Dijon:  one ANT’box in place to capitalise on expertise in the armed forces, around 50 users.


Capitalising on expertise was originally managed by a tool which had been developed in-house, with a major mass of data. The team in charge of this mission wanted to migrate this data to a tool which would make it easier for them to maintain their IT environment, use this data and manage its development at the same time.


ANT’box appeared to be the ideal response to the needs as expressed in terms of capitalisation: targeted expert reports, associated document options (integrated in base or merely referenced as physically located documents) and information sharing control. Being able to use and manage data is another ace here, as software maintenance is out of the question as data is highly confidential.


CEA Cesta, the CEA’s military establishment in Bordeaux: one ANT’box in place for monitoring ‘flying’ objects, around 50 users.


The aim is to analyse data gathered externally and be able to deduce relevant summaries which are also as complete as possible. In this context, it is mainly the data protection, the relevance of searching and integrating in the IT environment which are valued.


CEA Marcoule,  the CEA’s civil branch in Avignon: 15 ANT’boxes in place with around 1200 users:


  • Dataroom: the corpus is dedicated to documents which are useful in responding Calls for Tender issued by the CEA but which are highly confidential. This corpus is compiled semi-automatically and can be accessed on a controlled basis by service providers wishing to respond to these calls for tender and who must therefore use specific documents which the CEA makes available to them.


  • Specific subject watch: ANT’box is fed by other tools (gathered on the Web). ANT’box analyses the content this compiles over time and can be used to disseminate in-depth summaries.


  • Expert database in the field of dismantling nuclear installations. A number of installations have ANT’box installed and build up a corpus over time which is particularly useful for actions to come.


There are a number of portals in place here, aimed at facilitating consulting content ANT’box generates, but also other content managed by other tools such as Ennov or Meridian. Links have been set up, both to these software tools and file directories.


IRSN : the French Nuclear Safety Authority

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The IRSN is the military arm of the ASN (the French Nuclear Safety Authority), and is responsible amongst other things for monitoring EDF’s nuclear power stations and evaluating incident risks.


Since 2001, a number of EPS (safety probability studies), internal strategic expertise and EPR project monitoring departments have had collaborative document management software installed to help them perform their tasks.


In 2009, they chose ANT’Box to:


  • Monitor the EPR project: preparing for and following meetings, capitalising on information, monitoring actions, monitoring correspondence, studies and questions and answers


  • Capitalise on safety probability studies already conducted: SPS Fire, SPS Flood, SPS-900, SPS-1300


  • Monitor R&D internally: monitor a number of projects and evaluate their findings


  • Capitalise on external studies conducted with international partners in the field of nuclear safety.


ANT’box is particularly valued here for being easy to use, its wealth of functionalities (such as link graphs) and its relevance to research.



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Since 2002, Airbus Helicopters has been using collaborative document management software to monitor the competition to analyse and take strategic decisions and share information on pilot projects. They chose to work with ANT’box in 2009.


The information capitalised on is a number of kinds:


  • Electronic documents


  • Scanned and OCR’d reviews


  • Photos, images


  • Commentaries


  • Expert reports, surprise reports, analysis reports, etc.


For users and sensitive information, managing rights and authorisations is used rigorously on a ‘need to know’ basis, shared based on an intranet-linked website which means data can be disseminated very easily and widely.


Today, the competition monitoring team has around 30 named users (contributors), who have decided to make some of the information they gather and produce available to some 12,000 people at a number of establishments. So they installed a ‘passive ANT’box’, which is fed automatically by ‘open’ data from the reference Box. The intranet portal is connected directly to this passive box, making it easy to access this data set completely securely.


What users value here is:


  • How simple it is to organise sharing data


  • Being able to monitor collective work dynamically


  • Fine-tuned secure access rights


  • Interoperability with their IT environment


  • The relevance of natural language and cross-language (French and English) research.



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A Naos group company, Dipta makes cosmetic products (Bioderma, Esthederm and État pur) which has decided to share its internal technical information and knowledge so they can use it and make the raw data of their suppliers’ basic product characteristics easily available.


What they value here is how easy it is to add new documents without having to classify them, OCR scanned documents automatically, how powerful our search engine is and the safe effective protection of the data integrated.



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This group of cosmetic products companies decided to install ANT’box to improve one of the services they provide their members, i.e. regulatory information on exporting cosmetic products to the various countries of the world in which they operate.


They use ANT’box both to build up the corpus of ‘raw’ data and summaries for their members and enable them to access this easily at these two levels of information via a dedicated portal.


INERIS (Institut National de l’EnviRonnement Industriel et des RisqueS)

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As a major member of the Francopa group (the national platform for developing alternative methods in animal testing), Inéris has offered to equip the collective of organisations involved with ANT’box so they can easily share a huge base of information on alternatives to animal experiments in marketing drugs.

So they use ANT’box to build up a corpus of varied information on the subject and a dedicated portal for consulting some information directly (such as the latest news), post information on the subject  (which the project coordinator validates before posting it online) and accessing the whole corpus using the search facilities ANT’box provides.


Moroccan Agricultural Development Agency

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The Agricultural Development Agency, or ADA, a public institution under the auspices of the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, has been using ANT’box since November 2013. The success of the pilot project in Morocco led to ANT’box being extended as the digital electronic management and filing scheme to all ADA departments , HR, Budget & Accounts, Consolidation, External Finance and Legal in 2016.


Hundreds of thousands of documents have also been digitalised. We’ve set up a process for adding digitalised documents as automatically as possible, aimed at minimising doing this manually (and the mistakes that involves) in compiling the document database.


The ultimate aim is to exploit this mass of documentation by enabling users to access the documents and information they may need in their day to day work easily provided they have the access rights required.


Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Mauretania

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The Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Mauretania, via its Secretariat-General (SGG), has decided to digitalise all its regulation documents. ANT’inno won the international call for tenders led by the World Bank for Electronic Process and Document Management (EPDM) in late 2012.


This project aimed to help the SGG in its day to day work in terms of filing documents which passed through this Office dynamically, saving them and using them on a day to day basis (searches, monitoring each document etc.).


This project involved:


  • Digitalising documents en masse by training a team dedicated to this work.


  • Installing ANT’box and setting up a team dedicated not just to using the platform but to training new players involved.


  • Developing a ‘Council of Ministers Portal’ which can be used to access the information in ANT’box dedicated specifically to each Council of Ministers [meeting]: Agenda and associated documents.