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partage des documents à Marcoule

How CEA Marcoule operates and shares documents with an EDM software?

The ADM installation (Equipment Decontamination Workshop) of CEA Marcoule chose to equip ANT’inno’s ANT’box electronic document management platform (EDM software).

An EDM software should let you share documents easily and securly even in a critical environment

This is to make available to stakeholders the information they need for their daily work while respecting the rights of access to documents.

For example, the ANT’box EDM software allows the ADM to track both the evolution of project information and the exchanges concerning the operation of the facility.

Two challenges: meeting robustness requirements and quickly retrieving documents

Given the requirements for the operation of a nuclear facility, it is essential for monitoring the installation that the robustness and availability of access to documentation is guaranteed.

The other crucial issue of electronic document management is to be able to quickly find all documents related to a theme or event. The last audit performed on the ADM demonstrated the effectiveness of ANT’box EDM software on this point.

``ANT'box is our central point of research and a daily working tool``

Installation manager

It is the combination of qualification mechanisms (faceted classification) and full-text and cross-language linguistic research that ensures the effectiveness of research. Each user easily finds the information he needs according to the search method he chooses: natural language question, combined or not with filtering on the facets of classification, navigation in the content, link graph, dashboard etc.

Due to its specific connectors, ANT’box search performance is also used with other document repositories (Ennov and Meridian). Thus “ANT’box is our central research point and a daily working tool” as explained by the head of the Installation.

In addition to document sharing, contextualization tools allow a better understanding of information

ANT’box EDM software makes it possible to link the information between them, whatever their nature: events, expertise note, reference documents, working documents, etc. These links contextualize the information, and the graphic representation of these links makes it possible to navigate in this set of information, following the chronology or the “simple” association.

In addition, dynamic tables that cross information classified on two dimensions make it possible to have a global vision of the content, focused on the axes useful to the exploitation such as the type of crossed information with the suppliers concerned, or the status of the documents of the different projects.

Operated on a daily basis, and often even in team meetings, the electronic document management solution ANT’box constantly ensures the harmonization of the level of information of all the actors of the installation. In addition, it helps to build the memory and information heritage of the latter.

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ANT’inno’s EDMS exhibiting at GITEX Dubaï 2016

GITEX Technology Week will be held in Dubai, UAE starting on 16th Oct, 2016

ANT’inno will be exhibiting at the French Tech pavilion.

We’ll show or powerfull Cross-lingual Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) enabling to find documents in arab, english, french or spanish regardless of the language in which it is drawn up.