Exploit and enhance your documents with semantic
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Exploit and enhance your database thanks to semantics!

In your organizations, most projects lead to the creation of multiple documents, from the the meetings minutes to the specification of technologies or innovative approaches to solve a given problem. However, these documents are often stored, at best, in collaborative spaces, or, at worst, on file servers where they are more or less forgotten or lost for future projects.

Stop starting from scratch  your project

The cognitive memory of organizations is thus under exploited. Under-exploitation leads consulting firms or consulting companies to start from scratch to meet a client’s specifications without having the means to exploit work already done beforehand for a previous project, at another client’s, by another team.

Find document without prior knowledge of the content

Beyond the energy deployed in waste to “re-invent the wheel”, the problem is simply the time-to-market and the economic efficiency of your organization.
The implementation of semantic technologies can bring a relevant approach to this problem. A semantic search engine will allow you to analyze and index the contents of your documents in full.

Thus, you can do research in natural language – forget key words and other manual indexing – without prior knowledge of the content of the documents or the precise formulation of the information sought.

Advanced grammatical analysis with artificial intelligence techniques for the better

An advanced semantic search engine will allow you, for example, for a question of the type “Milk production in China”, to find both documents containing “Chinese milk production” (reformulation of the question) that documents containing ” Milk production in China “(cross-linguistic).

Beyond this relevance of research, advanced grammatical analysis associated with artificial intelligence techniques will provide useful complements such as automatic extraction of information cited in documents: people, places, companies etc.

A preliminary query of your knowledge base at each project launch or problem solving can save you valuable time and significantly improve your performance.

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