Artificial intelligence & data information management
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Put linguistic intelligence in your document management!

Artificial intelligence, appeared in the 1950s, and has been enriched in the 1990s (expert systems, genetic algorithms, neuronal computing, deep learning, etc.) before being able to find the necessary computing power to be implemented.

Artificial intelligence enhances information management

Many fields now incorporate artificial intelligence (A.I) and linguistic analysis is one of its flagship applications. Indeed, applied to documents it allows, among others, the extraction of information in unstructured texts, analysis of large volumes of data or even the interpretation of questions.

ANT’inno’s ANT’box has taken this dimension into account since its birth. Our partnership with the CEA and in particular the LVIC Laboratory which has been working on these subjects since the end of the 1970s, allows us to benefit from the most advanced technologies.

Reduce efforts to classify and qualify content

The linguistic intelligence integrated in ANT’box makes it possible to find very easily any information, and reduces the needs of structuring the content. Thus, efforts to classify and qualify information by users are considerably lightened.

For example, ANT’box automatically extracts useful information (names of people, places, companies, etc.), groups documents that “resemble” each other, organizes the documents that answer a question in order to guide the user to the most relevant documents.

Linguistic intelligence optimizes productivity

By reducing the effort to qualify information and improving the quality and relevance of information retrieval, ANT’box optimizes the productivity of your employees.

The return on investment within 3 to 6 months following the implemntation of ANT’box. Our project methodology makes it possible to avoid the drafting of complex specifications while remaining adapted to the context and the specific needs of the client. This avoids complicated settings or lengthy organizational considerations, and therefore the long and costly projects that mobilize your teams.

Wish to learn more about ANT’inno? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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